About Delta Cement

Delta Cement Company Ltd. is a private sector company and has investment authorization from Kurdistan regional government since 2006. Its factory produces the OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) according to the Iraqi specifications. Through a wide range of traders and distribution agents, the company distributes its product throughout the Iraqi and KRD provinces.

The company’s strategy is to target the cement traders and agents in various Iraqi and KRG provinces due to the tremendous need for reconstruction country-wide. There is a wide network of agents who request 4500 to 5000 tons of cement on a daily average basis using hundreds of special trucks and movable silos.

Believing in the private sector’s participation in the production of cement with national and international standards in order to advance in the economy. Building a better future, developing the national workforce, and finally preserving the environment.

Our mission is to produce high-quality cement by using the latest cement technology and upgrading our quality in order to meet the needs of the Iraqi market.

Producing all kinds of cement and keeping up with the development of the cement industry. Investing in the national workforce through training and education. Preserving the environment for future generations and contributing to community services.

Cooperation with Sinoma

Delta Cement Company contracted the Chinese company Sinoma for the construction and operation of its plant in Slemani – Iraq. There are more than 200 Chinese engineers, technicians, and laborers working at the plant in addition to a similar number of locals doing the packing and loading while a professional team delivering administration and marketing works at the plant.